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Scene Photos + More's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Scene Photos + More

party kids

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[January 10th, 2010]


150 icons
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What do Lykke Li, Drag Kings, & $3 Newcastles have in common??? [December 4th, 2009]

[ mood | It's Friday night!!! ]

They're all happening this weekend!!!

Click on the fliers for more info!

Friday December 4th (Tonight!) at the Echoplex in Echo Park
With special guest DJ Lykke Li!
$10 with RSVP, 18+, 21+ to drink

Saturday December 6th at MJ's in Silver Lake
$15 at the door, $12 in drag

Sunday December 6th at the Airliner in Highland Park
$5, 18+, 21+ to drink
$3 Newcastles ALL NIGHT (Oh shit!) & $3 "Heart Ons" (Vodka cranberry) until 11pm

Be there or be square!
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Been chasing White Rabbits lately? [December 1st, 2009]

[ mood | Curiouser & curiouser.... ]

I don't know how many of you are in Los Angeles, but if you're looking for a party, keep these dates open....

Don't worry, someone will be there to take your picture ; }

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[November 4th, 2009]


100 stock and fashion icons

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[September 28th, 2009]


100+ icons and banners: cobra snake, fashion, stock, taylor swift, adrien brody, jonathan rhys meyers, chloe sevigny, keira knightley, michelle williams, mischa barton, sienna miller, chanel iman, cole mohr, iekeline stange, jeisa chiminazzo, justin timberlake
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icons including the cobra snake [July 19th, 2008]


105 icons -
3 wanted
21 the cobra snake
9 the royal tenenbaums
15 avant garde
24 celebs ( tila tequila, nicole richie, ashley olsen, natalie portman, paris hilton, hilary duff )
21 tv (the oc & gossip girl)
12 disney

10 graphics -
6 the cobra snake
tila tequila
paris hilton
amy winehouse
the oc

42 57 4

( check it out! )

[September 18th, 2007]

how is misshapes with fake IDs?
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Help a New Yorker win a contest [August 6th, 2007]


Hey everybody, I'm a long-time LJer from Brooklyn. My brother and I are participating in this crazy contest, half reality TV, half dream vacation. But we can't make it to the next round without YOUR help, Livejournal!

1. Go to http://siteseerchallenge.delta.com

2. Register. You don't need a frequent flyer number, but you get free miles if you have one.

3. Watch the videos. You have to watch them all, but you can just have them running in the background if you need to.

4. Vote for The Awesomest Brothers (that's us.)

The website is pretty clunky and awful, but PLEASE stick with it and vote for us. Voting ends TOMORROW so please don't wait! Post on your blogs. Tell the world!


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[April 29th, 2007]

hey everyone I need your help!

for one of my classes i'm taking a survey. its quick and totally anonymous. it's about celebrities and drugs and such and I thought you guys might be able to help me out. please if you could just take a look at this it would be a big help. thanks!

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[March 6th, 2007]

some nightlife photos from Moscow (Russia)
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